Twinskive 5-50

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Product info External and internal
Product group 900
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Part no Hose size (Inch) Skiving capacity Motor size 3 phase (kW) Voltage Volt Velocity (rpm)
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90820200 3/16" - 2" 400 - 600 pcs/hour 0.75 400 540
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TwinSkive is a semi-automatic PLC-controlled skiving machine for external and internal skiving at the same time. The machine can easily reduce your skiving time by 50% and is very reliable and easy to use. A centering system assures that the hose is correctly aligned during the entire skiving and inserting process. The machine can also be used for inserting fittings and internal or external skiving separately.

Product info External and internal
Product group 900
Height (mm) 1,080
Length (mm) 1,200
Width (mm) 680
Ampere 16
Hertz 50
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