SKU 6119-xx
Product group 600
Complete or Body Complete
Shape L
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Part no Pipe dim. 1 (mm) Thread 1 Thread 2 Thread 3
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61190610 6 M 12x1.5 Male M 12x1.5 Male M 10x1.5
61190812 8 M 14x1.5 Male M 14x1.5 Male M 12x1.5
61191014 10 M 16x1.5 Male M 16x1.5 Male M 14x1.5
61191216 12 M 18x1.5 Male M 18x1.5 Male M 16x1.5
61191518 15 M 22x1.5 Male M 22x1.5 Male M 18x1.5
61191822 18 M 26x1.5 Male M 26x1.5 Male M 22x1.5
61192226 22 M 30x2 Male M 30x2 Male M 26x1.5
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Product group 600
Bulkhead No
Adjustable No
Complete or Body Complete
Shape L
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