Below mentioned terms are valid as long as anything else has been agreed in written.



If a fixed price has not been agreed, the delivery day price is valid. Displayed prices are excluding VAT if nothing else is mentioned.


Payment terms

Invoice payment. In case of invoice payment, the payment should be paid 10 days post the given invoice date. A delayed payment is subject to interest of 15% per year.


Delivery terms

Prices are valid ex warehouse. At an invoice amount below 400 SEK excl. VAT, an additional invoice fee of 40 SEK will be added.



Delivered goods remain Hydroscand's property until it has been fully paid. 

Levererat gods förblir Hydroscands egendom till dess att det till fullo betalats. Acceptance or any other contract can not be considered as a payment, until it has been fully redeemed.



Returns are accepted only after a shared agreement. A confirmed return delivery is credited with 25% of the good's price. Returns below 250 SEK in invoice amount are not accepted.

Reach out to our support to get more details on returns.

Environment fee

Hydroscand is charging an environment fee for sales of hoses. The environment fee is covering an environmental friendly management of used hoses to minimize negative environmental impact.

The environment fee is calculated based on all hoses Hydroscand sells. This is a service from Hydroscand and means that we also collect used hoses from our competitors.

It is important for Hydroscand to take responsibility of the environment. By collecting used hoses we encourage our customers to, for a low fee, leave the hose for recycling and in that way ensure that the used hose is taken care of in an environmentally friendly way.


Otherwise general delivery terms are used: NL01.

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