HoseOnSite - a complete hose workshop on your site

With Hydroscand's mobile hose workshops, you can reduce the time required for costly, unplanned downtime and plan efficient stops for maintenance instead. HoseOnSite are complete hose workshops that are equipped to meet your needs and placed on-site at the customer’s premises.


HoseOnSite Mobile

HoseOnSite Mobile is a flexible and compact hose workshop on wheels. It is equipped with machinery, products and accessories according to your needs. By hiring a mobile hose workshop you can plan your maintenance stops more efficiently and reduce downtime in case of urgent hose changes. This means that you do not have to leave your premises to deal with a hose failure, which would otherwise significantly lengthen the maintenance and operational shut-down period.

We know that downtime is a costly inconvenience and time is money in these contexts. With HoseOnSite Mobile, you have everything you need on-site, which curtails downtime and makes you less vulnerable to both acute hose failure and scheduled maintenance stops.

HoseOnSite Mobile is an agile hose workshop on wheels that is fully equipped with the machinery, tools and products needed to repair and maintain your line components.

Hydroscand´s HoseOnSite Mobile contains the following:

Hose bobbins
For customized hoses, dimensions up to 1 1/4

Hose cutter
For cutting hoses up to 2"

Stripping machine
For stripping of hoses up to 2

Hose press
For pressing of hoses up to 1 1/2"


HoseOnSite Stationary 

Downtime due to machine failure can be extremely costly in large road and construction workplaces, which are often located at some distance from major infrastructure. Having to go a long way to solve a problem with hose failure is time consuming and can lead to large projects being delayed.

With HoseOnSite Stationary, you can avoid the travel time and can instead have your hydraulic applications repaired wherever you are.

Hydroscand's HoseOnSite Stationary is a complete hose workshop in a 20-foot container that is deployed at your workplace. It is equipped with all the machinery, accessories and products you need to be able to repair and maintain your hoses and pipe components.


The HoseOnSite Stationary contains the following:

Hose reels      
For seven hoses I dimensions up to 1 1/4"

Hose cutter     
For cutting hoses up to 2"

Stripping machine
For stripping of hoses up to 2"
Hose press      
For pressing of hoses up to 1 1/2"
Hose cleaning
Rapid power cleaning of hoses up to 2"


Training of personnel

When starting HoseOnSite, we always include training provided by us at Hydroscand. Together, we go through how all the machinery works and how it should be handled. We also go through all the products available in the hose workshop, so that you and your colleagues feel comfortable working there.

If necessary, Hydroscand can also assist with staff who perform work in the hose workshop that is deployed on your site.


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