HoseExpress hose service - we replace your hoses at your site

HoseExpress hose service we replace your hoses at your site

HoseExpress is Hydroscand's mobile hose service that helps you on-site with both emergency hose replacements and preventative maintenance and diagnostics. With Hydroscand's mobile hose service, you always receive fast, professional and safe service. You can call HoseExpress on the same telephone number, wherever you are – 020-46 46 00.

We know that unplanned downtime can be a very costly issue. We also know that it is extremely important that hoses are always pressed and assembled correctly and that the work is carried out in a safe manner. That's why we offer you an efficient, professional and safe service, so you can quickly return to whatever you were doing before you called.

Call HoseExpress and we will help you with your emergency hose replacement. We also perform preventive maintenance and diagnostics. With the help of HoseExpress, the time required for unscheduled and costly downtime can be significantly reduced or even avoided completely.


Help with hose replacement? - Call HoseExpress on 020-46 46 00

Hydroscand's mobile emergency service, HoseExpress, is always easily accessible via the same toll-free telephone number, no matter where in the country you are.

Call us on  020-46 46 00 (domestic) when you need urgent help to replaces hoses on-site. If you want to call HoseExpress from abroad, please call  +46 771-46 46 00 instead


Hose when you need then - on site

HoseExpress service buses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in major cities throughout Sweden. In other locations, on-call times may vary depending on local demand.

The map shows all the places fron which HoseExpress is avaolable today. Together with our 70 branches in Sweden, we are always close to you as a customer. 

Här finns SlangExpress


Hose diagnostics, maintenance and assembly

HoseExpress also offers a detailed inspection of your hoses, as well as preventive maintenance, service and assembly of your hydraulics and pipe applications. You can use HoseExpress to safeguard your operations and production and thus avoid costly, unscheduled downtime.

When Hydroscand's service technicians have checked the condition of your hoses and fluid components, we also create customized documentation. We can then use this to help you prepare a long-term, cost-effective and safe operation. 


HoseExpress by Motorcycle

In 2019, Hydroscand launched HoseExpress by Motorcycle in Stockholm. HoseExpress by Motorcycle is a clever solution that enables Hydroscand to assist customers, even in difficult terrain where access for service vans can be problematic.

This also allows Hydroscand to shorten the response times for customers during rush hour traffic. This is especially important in Stockholm, where traffic levels have a major impact on response times.

The motorcycles are each equipped with the most common hoses and couplings. They are also equipped with a hose press and the necessary tools to press and assemble the hose on-site. If something is missing, the service technician on the motorcycle will be able to quickly collect the item at the nearest of Hydroscand's five branches in Stockholm.

The HoseExpress by Motorcycle service will also be launched in several other cities in Sweden in the near future. The cities affected will be determined by the level of demand locally.


Safety training

Hydroscand's service technicians have completed a number of different safety training in order to meet the demands when working in industry for example. The trainings increases the level of safety for both our service technicians and for you as a customer. Therefore, safety training is very important for us at Hydroscand.


Våra servicetekniker genomgår följande säkerhetsutbildningar:

  Work at heights          

  Work in industry

 Hot work 

 Work on roads

 Work on tracks

 Safety hydraulik


Customized product range

All our HoseExpress vans are equipped with machinery and fluid components for mounting hoses up to 1¼” with four steel inserts.

The service vans' equipment and product range are then always adapted to the needs of the local market, in order to suit you and your business.


Environmental responsibility

All our vans are equipped with environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil in 20-litre packaging and absorbent. We also work actively with hose recycling. 


Call HoseExpress

020 - 46 46 00

If you are calling from abroad, please call +46 771 - 46 46 00 instead

HoseExpress locations

HoseExpress are based in the citys below, you can order our services to any location in Sweden.




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