Machine Service – reparation and maintenance

Quality assured assembly equipment with Machine Service

Machine Service is a nationwide service where certified service technicians from Hydroscand repair, maintain and calibrate hose assembly equipment. A preventive maintenance that ensures that your machines maintain continuously high quality.

It is important to regularly maintain your machines so that you always can perform safe and qualitative hose assembly.

With Machine Service’s machine maintenance, you can rest assured that the hose assembly equipment always has the highest performance, is properly calibrated and that the right spare parts are used in case of repair.

Hydroscand’s service technicians have been educated and certified at Hydroscand Machine in Säter, Sweden. All manufacture and production of Hydroscand’s hose assembly equipment take place at Hydroscand Machine.


Machine service – contract or paid by the hour

Hydroscand offer Machine Service with two types of agreements:

Standard agreement
Signed for an existing machine. Hydroscand’s service technicians do an annual basic service with inspection and calibration, as well as perform eventual necessary repairs.

Security Plus
Signed when a new machine is purchased. It works in the same way as a standard agreement, however, it also provides an extended three-year service guarantee. Hydroscand’s service technicians can also perform service and repairs of your machines on an hourly basis.

Selection of hose machines that we maintain

These are some of the hose machines that we maintain. Feel welcome to contact us if you have any of the machines below or a different type of hose assembly equipment.


  • H16P
  • H16HP/AP
  • H24Basic
  • H24D Autocal
  • H24DC
  • H32Basic
  • H32D Autocal
  • H32DC
  • H120TS
  • P16HP
  • P20MS/AS/IS
  • P20CS
  • P32MS/AS/IS
  • P32CS
  • FP120AS/IS/VS
  • MiniCut 5-50
  • MaxiCut 5-60
  • PowerCut 5-75


Why should you sign a service agreement?

Guarantees safe and qualitative hose assembly

Minimize costly production downtime

Optimize and extend the machinery park’s performance and life span.

Would you like to know more?

For more information about Machine Service, please contact your nearest Hydroscand branch.

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