Mobile pressure testing of hoses - on site at your premises

Reduce the risk of accidents and costly production stoppages by using Hydroscand's mobile pressure testing. This is a nationwide service, where we pressure test hoses on your site, in order to secure the operation of your production environment.


Pressure testing of your hoses, wherever you are

Hydroscand’s certified service technicians pressure test and safety classify your composite and rubber hoses with associated fittings and gaskets.

That way, you can be sure that all hoses used in your business are safe and leak-free. In other words, it creates a safer working environment and minimizes the risk of expensive production stoppages.

All hoses that have been approved after the pressure testing are also labelled with a unique ID number (TrackingCode), which makes it easy for Hydroscand's certified service technicians to quickly identify the hose when a re-inspection or a new order is made.


Mobile pressure testing - step by step

1. Planning
Prior to the pressure testing, a meeting is always conducted between Hydroscand and you as a customer. During the meeting, we review which premises are appropriate for carrying out the pressure testing, what type of hoses with associated fittings should be tested and which safety regulations that apply. If there are no suitable premises, pressure testing can be carried out at the nearest Hydroscand branch.

2. Pressure testing

Pressure testing is performed in six steps:

  1. The hoses are inspected inside and outside. A camera is used for internal inspection.

  2. Gaskets and fittings are examined and replaced if necessary.

  3. A control is performed to confirm that the hose is electrically conductive between the connections.

  4. When the hoses and fittings are approved, they are prepared for pressure testing.

  5. The hoses are pressure tested with water up to 30 bar.
  6. A certificate of inspection is drawn up with information whether the hose is approved or not.

3. Feedback

Hydroscand's staff will review the results of the pressure testing with you. Approved hoses are labelled with a unique ID number, which makes it easy to identify the hose when re-inspecting or re-ordering.

Hydroscand also offers ongoing maintenance of the hoses and pipe components used in production. With pressure tested and safety-rated hoses, you will be less vulnerable and can minimize the risk of downtime.


4. Five reasons for choosing mobile pressure testing

  1. Preventive maintenance creates a safer working environment.
  2. You minimize the risk of costly production stoppages.
  3. The service is provided nationwide and is performed at your site.
  4. Pressure testing is carried out by certified, experienced service technicians from Hydroscand.
  5. The hoses are labelled to facilitate and streamline future replacements and maintenance.

5. Safety training

Hydroscand's service technicians have completed a number of different safety training courses in order to meet the demands imposed when working in industry for example. The training increases the level of safety for both our service technicians and for you as a customer.

Our service technicians have completed the following safety training:

  • Safety hydraulics
  • Work in industry
  • Work at heights
  • Work on tracks
  • Work on roads
  • Hot work
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