Hydroscand Main office

Hydroscand's main office and warehouse is situated in Sköndal, south of Stockholm.

Invoice questions

Contact finance department for questions related to address, credits, payments, and debt collection.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +46 8 555 990 94

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 17:00
Friday 8:00 - 16:00

Contact details


Hydroscand AB

Visiting address:
Bogårdsvägen 43
128 62 Sköndal

Box 401
128 06 Sköndal

Phone: +46 8 555 990 00
E-post: [email protected]


Pontus Nygren
Managing director
[email protected]

Mona Frisk
[email protected] 

Peter Forestad
Head of finance
[email protected] 


Johan Ekelöf
Logistics manager
[email protected]

Elizabeth Smolle
Quality and environment manager
[email protected]

Mikaela Fenner Alsin
Communication manager SE & DK
[email protected]

Karin Norr Eriksson
E-Commerce manager SE & DK
[email protected]


Bengt Magnusson
Warehouse manager
[email protected] 

Rikard Öreteg

Manager Special Hoses, Motala

Arvid Johansson
[email protected]




Sales managers

Michael Rudén
Sales Manager High pressure
[email protected] 


Stefan Nilsson
Sales manager Low pressure
[email protected]

Halit Omeragic 
Sales Technical products
[email protected]


Bosse Flack
Sales manager Pneumatik
[email protected]

Leif Clevesjö
Manager SlangExpress
[email protected]


Emilia Lundstedt
Key Account Manager SlangExpress

Regional managers

Conny Hansen
Regional manager Syd
[email protected]


Niklas Augustsson
Regional manager Sydöst
[email protected]


Tommy Sjöblom
Regional manager Sydväst
[email protected]


Johan Dahlberg
Regional manager Jönköping
[email protected]


Per Ringqvist
Regional manager Östergötland
[email protected]

Nicklas Hillner
Regional manager Närke
[email protected]


Leif Hammarberg
Regional manager Stockholm
[email protected]


Tomas Zettergren
Regional manager Värmland
[email protected]


Patrik Nygårds
Regional manager Dalarna
[email protected]


Lars Forsberg
Regional manager Västmanland
[email protected]

Fredrik Jacobsson
Regional manager Nordöst


Kurt Nyberg
Regional manager Mellersta Norrland


Andreas Holtrin
Regional manager Norra Norrland
[email protected]

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