TrackingCode - labelling for identification of hoses

TrackingCode is a unique label for precise identification of a hose and coupling. You can use TrackingCode to streamline your planned downtime and reduce stoppage time in connection with emergency hose replacements.

TrackingCode is Hydroscand's hose labelling service and means that a label with a unique code is attached to the fitted hose. In the Hydroscand system, you can then use the code to quickly read all information about the hose structure, such as hose type, line component, any accessories, and when and where the hose assembly was performed.

When you later need to replace the hose, you can just enter the code to quickly order a new, identical hose structure.

The hose label is very durable and resists UV radiation, corrosion and various media such as hydraulic oil.


Saving time and costs

With TrackingCode, you can stay one step ahead and easily order the right hose for the right application, even before a scheduled downtime. Then you have the right hoses at hand before the downtime, which makes the disassembly and assembly process both time-efficient and cost-effective.


Reduced environmental impact

A broken hose marked with a TrackingCode does not need to be dismantled in order for you to know which hose and which couplings you need. The code of the hose structure contains all the information you need for the staff at your nearest Hydroscand branch to produce exactly the same item for you.

You can then fit the new hose immediately after dismantling the broken hose, thereby minimizing the risks of environmentally hazardous oil leakage.


Schedule your maintenance using TrackingCode

TrackingCode is very helpful for stock-taking, inspection and diagnostics of your existing hose assembly. The unique code then gives you all information you need about when the hose assembly was performed and when it may need to be replaced.

Hydroscand's staff can help you as a customer to examine, identify and label your existing hoses with TrackingCode. This will provide you with knowledge about the condition of your existing hoses and when they should be replaced, which could form the basis for a future maintenance plan.

Thanks to the labelling of your hoses, you can then replace them in time to reduce the risk of hose failure. This allows you to increase safety and minimize the risk of accidents and negative environmental impact.

TrackingCode for different environments

TrackingCode for industry

Unscheduled stoppages in industry can be a very costly affair. TrackingCode helps you to streamline a scheduled stoppage and thus save both time and money.

Thanks to the unique code on the TrackingCode label, the hose assemblies can be quickly identified and ordered from Hydroscand, even before the downtime. You can thus feel confident that the hose structures will be in place before the planned downtime takes place. This is a measure that reduces downtime and reduces the risk of environmentally hazardous oil leaks.

TrackingCode in marine environments

Hydraulics are found in various forms and in many different functional areas in shipyards and ship environments. Labelling all hydraulic hoses with TrackingCode, both on board and in the dock, greatly facilitates stock-taking of the hose assemblies. You can also feel confident that you can always quickly identify the hose structure in case of an emergency replacement and you can ensure that the correct hoses are available before a scheduled downtime.

TrackingCode for OEM production

For an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), TrackingCode fulfils a very important function, since large volumes of hose assembly are produced on a production line every day. The customer-specific code on the TrackingCode label makes it easy for the installer in production to identify the correct hose assembly and thus quality-assure the assembly.

TrackingCode also facilitates a more streamlined spare parts retail process. The unique code makes it easy for the end-user to identify their spare parts requirements and they can conveniently order the right components from their OEM. This also ensures the correct supply of spare parts.


TrackingCode for leasing and contracting companies

For leasing and contracting companies, it is extremely important to have functioning hydraulics in their business activities. If a failure occurs in the hoses and fluid components that power the lifting and carrying capacity of e.g. boom lifts and excavators, a rapid response will be required to prevent revenue from being lost.

TrackingCode gives you quick and accurate information about the hose assembly, so that Hydroscand can immediately manufacture a new hose structure that is identical to the one that needs to be replaced.

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